Testimonials for various people


Jodi is a great teacher and person. I asked her to lead a yoga class in-addition to an activity I had arranged for a group of friends. The class was suited perfectly and the feedback from the group was positive and commendable. I have attended other class of her's since. I can recommend her for her style and instruction.





This is an opportunity to thank you for all your yoga teaching Jodi. Since I started practicing yoga 3 years ago I always find each yoga class rewarding.  My mind and body feel relaxed and strong.  All the little details mater, so I do appreciate each part of the yoga class.  At the beginning, I enjoy your introductions and instructions on how to hold each pose better, plus at the end the little relaxation or meditations are always beneficial for me.

Also I’ve loved every yoga day I attended. Not only because of the great food but also because of the singing,  yoga nidra and great atmosphere.

Also a big thank you for all your effort to organise retreats and meditations. I have enjoyed every single one I attended.

My knowledge about myself /body and mind connection/ increased enormously.




'I started classes as a complete novice, never having attended a Yoga class before.  Classes are a calm and peaceful environment where each person works at their own pace and ability, supported by Jodi in a completely non-judgemental way.  Her quiet, knowledgeable and encouraging way of teaching has helped me to progress so much and encouraged me to challenge myself. The class is an oasis of calm during my working week-a chance to completely switch off from everyday life.'




Yoga with Jodi is wonderful, I really feel energized after the classes, Clear and precise, friendly and not too serious, I would say one of the best Yoga teachers I have met and I've been doing Yoga for over 50 years.


Caroline ,