Public Classes

Hatha yoga delivered through carefully planned vinyasa sequencing and intelligently linked to a chosen theme to connect students to the deeper teachings and philosophy of Yoga.  Classes include flowing sequences, held asana, (postures), pranayama, (breathing practices), meditation and deep relaxation.  There is a strong emphasis on synchronising the movement of breath and body whilst developing a precise alignment of muscle and bone with the aim of improving strength and flexibility as well as having a profound positive effect on mental and emotional balance. Classes are mixed ability and open to the general public, although it is necessary to contact prior to attending to ensure space is available.


Womens Yoga

Hatha Yoga for women only in a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere.   There is a special experience to be had when women gather together to share and connect to shakti, the innate feminine power.  Comprising of asana (posture), pranayama, (breath work), meditation and relaxation, classes are designed to honour and return to the feminine qualities concerned with relaxation, openness, acceptance and inner wisdom. Mixed ability and all women are welcome subject to availability.  This class is supported by Hillington Womens Centre  at a reduced cost.  Please contact Jodi for more information or alternatively contact Hillingdon Women’s centre on 01895 259578.


Yoga for the MIND

Combining simple joint freeing practices, basic asana, (postures), Pranayama, (breath work), mindfulness and deep relaxation these classes have a specific focus in addressing anxiety, depression and stress and work towards mental and emotional balance.  Classes encourage practitioners to explore and understand the connection between breath, mind and body and learn simple skills to regulate the mood, emotions and energetic state.  Through gentle and grounding practices, Yoga for the Mind can create both subtle and deep changes to the physical, mental and emotional bodies transforming the way we relate to ourselves and operate in the world around us. Classes are supported through Hillingdon MIND and free of charge.  Please contact Jodi for more information or alternatively contact Hillingdon MIND on 01895 271559.


Private Tuition

Personal tuition is available for one to one sessions or groups of up to four people.  Private classes can be an ideal introduction to yoga prior to joining a regular class, an aid to one’s specific health issues or simply to refine and enrich an already established practice.  Personal tuition will include a bespoke yoga programme, taking into consideration the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of an individual. A simple home practice regime will also be offered if required.  Sessions are usually delivered from Jodi’s home space but if required, alternative arrangements can be made.


Restorative Yoga

A Restorative practice is an excellent way to balance the pressures and stresses of modern life as well as a dynamic yoga practice.  With an emphasis on stillness and silence, postures are supported by bolsters and blankets, enabling longer respite, deeper muscular release, the calming of the sympathetic nervous system, (the fight and flight response), connecting to the parasympathetic nervous system, (rest and digest response) and enhances the flow of prana, (vital energy) within. All levels of students can benefit from the soothing and nourishing properties a restorative practice offers. (Please see events for details of next restorative practice dates)


Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga classes are designed to promote wellness whilst reducing stress levels.  Due to stress related illnesses being responsible for the majority of absence from work, Yoga’s immune boosting benefits can not only reduce the amount of time staff take off work but also lend to an improvement in productivity, staff morale and general well being.  Classes can be introduced at lunchtime or at the end of the work day.


Yoga for Teens, Yoga in Schools

Available for private tuition or in schools, the vast benefits of yoga for teenagers are responsible for  seeing huge growth in its popularity.  Classes are designed to suit the needs of individuals or groups, often with particular focus on reducing stress and anxiety and remaining balanced in the presence of pressure and change.  Students are taught skills that will enable them to effortlessly adapt to the increasing pressures from friends, family, studies and society.  As well as the physical benefits, yoga for teens builds strength of character, cultivates a positive attitude, develops a strong connection to the self and encourages teens to trust themselves and live more mindfully through the transitional time when they are exploring and defining their identity.


Children with Special Needs

An integrated series of balanced yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that help to increase body awareness and strength, improve concentration, and facilitate healthy development for babies and children with special needs.  These gentle and therapeutic practices are safe and suitable for children with downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism,  and other developmental disorders.  Also effective for Attention Deficit disorder, ADHD and Learning difficulties, yoga for children with special needs is delivered on a one to one basis, in Jodi’s home space.




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